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Shingles/herpes quick results first week!
For the last 2 years I have shingles and tried various products , oils and topical creams that helped only temporarily. I was struggling very day to keep the herpes in balance. One day I found Bell Virux Viral Infections #42 and gave it a try. I saw a definite result right away. I bought 2 more bottles to make sure the store does not run out of stock. Yes, Virux met my hopes. I am indeed grateful to see the herpes gone.

We wouldn’t know what to do without Virux!
My husband uses Bell Virux Viral Infections #42 for his cold sores with tremendous results. He suggested I use it for my frequent, severe chest colds that are very painful. It worked instead of suffering 2-3 weeks they are done in 7-10 days and not as severe.

Tried all others Virux #42 works best!
I have had cold sores for 6 years now. All other medications didn’t work but Bell Virux does it all. Thanks Bell!

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