#77 Natural Superior Hair Formula (11 reviews)

My bald spots have completely filled in.
Most important is the thickness of my hair now. It used to be so very thin and now I can hardly believe how thick it is. I used to hide the bald spots with wigs that were hot and uncomfortable to wear. No more! Bell Natural Superior Hair Formula has been a miracle for me. It makes the texture of my hair soft and silky. My hair looks like in my 30s and 40s. I love it. Gina Hoenke, 71, Heflin, LA (318)377-8271.

First product that worked for me.
First product that worked for me. I have tried many other methods, but did not see any results. With Bell Natural Superior Hair Formula, I noticed a difference within a few weeks. Thank you Bell. Paul Scivoletto, 40, Markham ON.

Nothing was stressing me out more than losing my hair.
I am happy with Bell Natural Superior Hair Formula. My hair stopped falling out and it comes in faster, thicker, and darker, like 20 years ago. I am so happy! Dawn Ditzend, 61, Brampton, ON. 905-456-0280.

My thyroid medication caused hair loss and #77 stopped it!
I have tried other products that didn’t give the results I had with #77. I am hoping to see growth in those thin areas.

A true joy as my hair appears thicker!
In the last 8-10 years I tried so many things to regain the natural good looks of my hair and nothing worked. After taking Bell Treatment #77 for 1 month I noticed an improvement and after completing the treatment in 2 months I was enjoying that full and thick hair again I used to have. I am telling many others I see who could benefit from the wonderful product.

A pleasant surprise #77 actually worked!
Last 5 years I started to notice that I am losing hair. A friend had good results with #77 and that is why I gave it a try and it worked for me, too. I was skeptical because there are so many products on the market that don’t produce good results. It was a pleasant surprise. My hair looks much better now and I hope with #77 I can avoid getting bald. Thank you very much.

My hair has stopped falling out!
For the last 5 years I have experienced noticeable thinning of my hair after blow drying it. My bathroom counter would be littered with hair that I lost. I’ve tried many things and didn’t notice any change. Then I found your Bell #77. I have taken it now for over 2 months. My hair has stopped falling out. Now when I dry my hair there is very little that is left on my counter…and my hair looks shinier and healthier.

After 30 days use noticed I am losing less hair!
For about 5 years I have been losing more hair and was worried. After using Bell Stop Hair Loss #77 for 30 days I am losing less hair when I wash my hair. My hair now looks fuller and the texture has improved.

My crown hair is growing after 3 weeks!
Last 6 years I noticed thinning of my crown hair and graying overall. Since using Bell Stop Hair Loss #77 my crown hair is growing and although I still have some gray it appears that it’s progression has slowed. After throwing my money away for years on Rogaine and other supplements I was skeptical. Your #77 is expensive but worth every penny. I referred it to others I see who could benefit from it. Very pleased!

Hair loss was noticeably reduced with first bottle!
Over the last 10 years I experienced gradual hair loss. I tried many things that didn’t work. After having good results with another Bell product, I was happy to see that Bell has now the Hair loss Product #77. It worked well and my hair loss was noticeably reduced. Thanks!

After a couple of weeks hair was not as thin anymore!
For the last 15 years I was losing hair and felt apprehensive about it. After using Bell Stop Hair Loss #77 for 2 weeks my hair was not as thin anymore and at the end of the treatment of 2 months my little bald spot on the back of my head was growing over with little hair. This product helped to restore my youthful look and inspired me to continue using #77. It helped with my self-confidence to approach women and ask them out. Thanks to Bell’s product I am back in the game.

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