#1 Shark Cartilage for Joint Relief

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I have used Bell Shark Cartilage daily for 5 years now.
I've seen your advertisements and the it has been the only product to keep me mobile without constant knee pain. Both my knees ached with arthritis after years of playing soccer in my younger days. Now I am pain free and on a maintenance dosage. Ken Hutcheson, 70, Bridgenorth, ON.

I was diagnosed with extreme osteoarthritis in the right hip.
Sleeping for any length of time became a trial with every turn. Pain pills only lasted for a short period and tended to cause constipation and irritability plus pain. I became one unhappy person. Sessions of physiotherapy became a draw on the pocket book. I tried the Bell Shark Cartilage and in 4 days, I could feel a difference. Wonder of wonders, I had my first night of sleep. In 2 weeks, I was pain free. I now pass the booklet that comes in every box to family and friends. Jean P. Slater, 71, Huntsville, ON.

Knees were hurting so bad I was in a wheelchair.
Knees were hurting so bad, I was in a wheelchair. My doctor wanted to have both of my knees replaced. A friend told me about your Shark Cartilage for Joint Relief. After three months, I could run up stairs, go bowling, and dance all the time. Frances Lengvewas, 65, Denver, CO.

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