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Women's Health

#4b Bladder Control Tea for Women
A special herbal tea to help with incontinence, bladder infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs).Learn More
#7 Erosyn
New & improved formula for women to increase desire, libido and energy while supporting mood balance and emotional aspects of sexual health.Learn More
#8 Body Renewal
Addresses hormonal imbalance in women and men while also revitalizing the reproductive system and providing antioxidants.Learn More
#31 Bladder & Yeast Infection
Formulated to help alleviate urinary tract infections (UTIs), including bladder infections, yeast infections, and kidney infections.*Learn More
#32 Nursing Mother's Tea
Helps nursing mothers produce more milk and helps increase the nutritive value of the mother's breast milk.Learn More
#33 HRT Menopause Combo
Helps to alleviate menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, mood changes, night sweats and more.*Learn More
#34 PMS Combo
Helps to alleviate PMS symptoms, including mood swings, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, cramping pain, depression and more.*Learn More
#75 Breast Health
Formulated with the power of cruciferous vegetables to keep breasts healthy and to block the negative effects that estrogen can fuel.Learn More
#90 Bladder One for Women
Formulated to help with frequent or uncontrolled urination and urinary tract infections (UTIs).Learn More

Women's Health

Today’s modern woman is highly conscious of her overall wellbeing, and seeks natural solutions for her health needs. Bell Lifestyle Products has responded by developing a unique variety of high quality natural supplements and formulations especially for women.

Incontinence or frequent urination—sometimes leading to accidents or leakage—is a common problem for women, often starting after childbirth. Many women refer to it as weak bladder or leaking bladder, and it can be both embarrassing and emotionally distressful. Bell’s Bladder Control Tea for Women is a specially formulated herbal tea to help with the discomfort associated with frequent urination.

Another of our best-selling natural products for women is Erosyn, a sexual health supplement for women formulated to enhance libido and sexual energy for intimacy. Own your feminine side and revitalize your life with Bell!

*Results may vary

† Results may vary from one person to another.