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Immune Boost

#13a Liquid Multi-Vitamin
Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids in liquid form for better absorption to attain good health and vitality.Learn More
#25 Echinacea Immune Support
Echinacea with seven other herbs, formulated to fight infections, shorten the duration of colds, and help alleviate respiratory tract infections.*Learn More
#42 Virux
Helps with colds, flus, cold sores and other viruses.Learn More
#51 Shark Liver Oil
Increases resistance to colds with life-enhancing compounds, like AKG, squalene, and natural trace elements.Learn More
#52 Supreme Immune Booster
Stimulates and enhances the immune system with coriolus versicolor mushroom extract.Learn More
#72 Immune Defence
Helps the body fight against bacteria.Learn More

Immune Boost

Between seasonal viruses and the daily health threats we face year-round, it's natural to want to know how to boost your immune system safely and effectively. Your immune system is your line of defense against unwanted and dangerous invaders, and good immune system support helps to ensure your overall well-being.

It is sometimes difficult to obtain the proper amount of vitamins, nutrients and sleep to keep your immune system at its strongest. It becomes even more difficult as you get older. With this in mind, Bell offers products rich in natural immune boosters: our Shark Liver Oil product #51 provides naturally occurring squalene oil and omega 3 fatty acids; and our Supreme Immune Booster product #52 contains coriolus versicolor (trametes versicolor), an extract from a potent immune boosting mushroom is also known as “turkey tails.”

Help your body stay protected and secure all year long with Bell Lifestyle Products' immune system supplements!

*Results may vary

† Results may vary from one person to another.